Bet Stars iPhone & Android Apps

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Bet Stars iPhone App

The Bet Stars iPhone app is easy to download from the Apple Store and can be installed on any iPhone or tablet to offer ease of betting and monitoring. Its user-friendly interface makes it one of the easiest betting sites to navigate and as such, it is updated regularly, meaning you will always have access to whichever odds are on offer.

How to download the Bet Stars iPhone app

When you download the app, as soon as you spend £10, you will receive an additional £20 to spend on any bet you like, which means you will make money simply by spending it! Just have your Apple ID ready and you can access the app from the App Store. These days, buying and installing apps could not be more simple, as you can link the App Store to your Apple Wallet and can even sign in using touch ID, to avoid complicated passwords.

To get the iPhone app

1. Go to the Bet Stars website on your phone
2. At the bottom of the screen, there is a list of Bet Stars apps available
3. Select Bet Stars iPhone app
4. Click 'get' or download
5. Sign in and download


1. Go to your app store
2. Type in Bet Stars
3. Click 'get' or download
4. Sign in and download

Either way, your app will be on your phone in seconds if you are connected to WiFi, and you can start placing bets as soon as you have signed up.

Bet Stars iPhone App review

With a similar feel and look to its website counterpart, the app is easy to navigate. You can increase your odds by downloading this app because it offers a range of extras, such as the Spin and Bet feature. With this app, you will be able to link it easily to your phone's Wallet, making placing bets straightforward. With a clean interface and demonstrable ease of use, this is a simple and effective betting app for the home dabbler.

Bet Stars Android app review

Like the iPhone app, Bet Stars' Android app is easy to download and set up. It allows you to access a range of betting opportunities anytime and anywhere, maximising your winning potential. As one of the biggest betting sites in Europe, this easy access and simple-to-navigate app also offers 24-hour support, which means your bets are safe and you are protected. With a clean interface and usability, this app is a recommended betting app with support features that set it apart from others.

To download the Android app, simply follow either of the processes below and sign up to start betting.

How to download Bet Stars Android App

1. Visit the Bet Stars site through your chosen browser
2. At the bottom of the screen, there is a list of Bet Stars apps available
3. Select Bet Stars Android app
4. Click 'get' or download
5. Sign in and download


1. Go to your app store
2. Type in Bet Stars
3 Click 'get' or download
4. Sign in to your secure area and download for free

Whichever OS you are using, once you have the app installed, you will need to sign in to start placing bets.

To sign up

Once you have the app successfully installed on your phone, you can then sign in, linking the app to your Wallet. This makes betting quick and convenient, and you can start placing bets and making money from anywhere. You will need an email address and password to sign into your account, which means the app is transferable, should you change phones or wish to use another device.

You only need to sign up once and you can access all bets from either the website, app or mobile site, all of which are easy to navigate and are presented using the same basic layout and colour scheme.

What is on offer?

Whilst simple in design, this app is easy to use, offering quality UX and many special features to maximise your money making opportunities. This is prevalent through the Spin and Bet facility, which allows you to try and get up to 10 x your winnings. This supports payment through your phone's Wallet.

Other app features

Cash out

You can also cash out your bet at any time during play, which means you call the shots and bet for as long as you wish to. This is unique, as you are not tied into anything.

Your first bet offers you an additional £20 to spend on bets with the unique 'Bet 10, get 20 offer'. Download today and get the ball rolling!

Bet Stars

Bet Stars is a sports betting website, which has been built to help sports fans make money on their superior sports knowledge. With an attractive red and black interface, the site mirrors the colours of a Russian Roulette table in any casino. It offers the extensive opportunity to place bets on over 30 different sports, as well as poker and other casino games.